Used Car Parts

We stock thousands of car spare parts if you need to replace parts that have become tired or worn out.

  • Mechanical Parts: We have a large range of mechanical parts Steering Racks, Suspension Parts, Struts, Brake Calipers, Shocks, Discs, Tie Rods, and many more..
  • Electrical Parts: We provide all the electrical parts such as Headlights, Tail lights, Corner Lights, Garnish Lights, Door Mirrors, Ignition Switches, Windows Master Switches and many more..
  • Panel Parts: At export auto parts, we provide top quality panel parts. We provide Bumpers, Bonnets, Doors, Quarter Panels, Tailgates, Boot lids, Reinforcements, and many more..
  • Glass Parts: We provide used, but well-conditioned glass parts. The glass parts include Door Glasses, Quarter Glasses, Body Glasses, Cargo Glasses, Tailgate Glasses.
  • Trim Parts: We provide Seat Belts, Seats, Parcel Trays, Dash Parts, Sun Visors, Dash Clusters, Steering Wheels, and many more..
  • Other Parts: We provide all Japanese and European car parts including Steros, Radiators, Hoses, Pipes, Brake Lines, Abs Pumps, Abs Wheel Sensor, Indicator Switches, Headlight Switches, and many more..