Car Recycling

We feel strongly about the safe dismantling and disposal of vehicles and recycle everything we can.Our team adheres strictly to New Zealand laws and ensures all harmful glasses and liquids are safely disposed of. Our car wreckers recycle vehicle metal and repurpose it for future use. Export Auto Parts are the car wreckers that have advanced equipment and machinery. This allows us to dismantle and dispose of vehicles in an environmentally friendly manner.The specific actions our auto dismantlers take include:

  • Vehicle battery removed for recycling
  • Airbags deployed
  • Tyres removed and sent for re-treading or replacement
  • Mercury switches removed
  • Air conditioning fluid removed
  • Fluids (petrol, diesel, waste oil, coolant, brake fluid) are pumped out into sealed tanks and sent for specialist recycling or disposal
  • Dismantled parts such as oil filters, glass, bumpers and other large plastic items are sent for specialist recycling or disposal
  • The metal shell of the car is sent to a shredder for further processing